Return And Refund Policy

We provide the best products at highly competitive prices, but whatever electronic products you buy from our online store, they can be exchanged at any time, subject to its condition, original packaging, and attached documents. If you purchased a product and after purchasing due to some reasons, you are not satisfied with the product, in that case, we can help you with an exchange, return and refund. We believe in a 100% return and refund policy of the products. We give our customers the opportunity of money-back guarantee under 7 days.

Reasons for Product Return

                 Under the following conditions, the products can be returned. They are

  • An incomplete product has been delivered to the customer and it is also incorrect.
  • The product that has been purchased by the customer is partially damaged, broken, or not working properly.
  • Customers want the product to be exchanged with another brand.
  • The product is not the same as shown in the catalog available on the website.
  • It did not meet customer expectations.
  • The online store shipped the wrong product and size.
  • The product arrived too late or the customer doesn’t need it anymore and changes his or her mind.

Return Policy

                   While returning the products, some conditions must be fulfilled. They are as follows.

  • Original tags, user manuals, different accessories, warranty card, and freebies must be included in the product.
  • The product should be returned and the original packaging box should not be damaged.
  • Within 07 days of delivery, the return is accepted.
  • At the time of receiving an order, products must be checked otherwise the demand for return will not be entertained.
  • Original invoice or receipt should be present at the time of return.
  • From our end, if the customer receives the wrong product, in that case only return is possible.
  • The products should be unscratched and unused at the time of return.

Refund Policy

                 If the purchased electronic product is eligible for a refund, in that case we provide a refund. Our electronic store provides a fully functional refund policy. The following are some important key points and rules related to our refund policy.

  • Our electronic online store provides a convenient and preferred refund method or option that the customer can select easily from our website.
  • The shipping fee with the amount paid for your returned product, both are refunded.
  • There is a time required to complete a refund but it depends on the refund method you have chosen. For instance, for a Debit/ Credit card method, the refund time can be 10 working days and for cash on delivery, the refund time can be 1 working days, similarly, for direct bank transfer the refund time can be 5 working days, etc.
  • The refund amount will depend on the market also like if the price in the market decreases, the amount refunded will also decrease, and if the market price increases, the repaid amount will remain the same.
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