Twelve South ActionSleeve Armband Red For 42mm Apple Watch

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Twelve South ActionSleeve Armband Red For 42mm Apple Watch

Strap: ActionSleeve
•  Strap Size: 42mm
•  Strap Color: Red
•  Strap Type: Armband


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Twelve South ActionSleeve Armband Red For 42mm Apple Watch


ActionSleeve for Apple Watch (42mm ) Width (Apple Watch surround): 2.56 inches (65mm)
Width (band): 1.57 inches (40mm)
Length: 16.73 inches (425mm)
Fits arms 10″ to 15″ (38cm)
ActionSleeve for Apple Watch (42mm) Width (Apple Watch surround): 2.56 inches (65mm)
Width (band): 1.57 inches (40mm)
Length: 18.8 inches (478mm)
Fits arms 11″ to 17″ (43cm)
ActionSleeve for Apple Watch (42mm Slim) Width (Apple Watch surround): 2.56 inches (65mm)
Width (band): 1.57 inches (40mm)
Length: 16.85 inches (428mm)
Fits arms 9″ to 13″ (32cm)



• Use Apple Watch when sports gear or activity restricts wrist placement
• Improves heart rate tracking with tighter, more consistent skin contact
• Built-in bumper protection helps shield Apple Watch from nicks and dings
• Fits arms up to 15 in. (38 cm) and is hand-washable


 Thinking beyond the wrist.

The Apple Watch is the most advanced health & fitness device ever, but the wrist is not always the perfect place to wear it. Sports like Kickboxing, Weightlifting and CrossFit often require protective sports gear and full wrist mobility that can rule out the use of Apple Watch on the wrist.

Enter ActionSleeve. ActionSleeve straps your Apple Watch to your upper arm or bicep – off your wrist – but still fully viewable and controllable. ActionSleeve’s outer frame adds protection from nicks and dings and with tighter, more consistent skin contact, it can even improve heart rate monitoring. Offered in Red or Red, ActionSleeve gives you a whole new way to utilize Apple Watch – beyond the wrist.


How it works? Quite well.

Ever change out your Apple Watch band? Perhaps you’re already switching from your leather band to your sport band each time you hit the gym. Using  ActionSleeve is just as simple:  ( ) remove your current Apple Watch band, ( ) Push the Apple Watch body into the soft frame of ActionSleeve and  ( ) strap ActionSleeve on and go. Your screen, crown and button remain fully accessible and functional. The best part? With tight and consistent skin contact, the heart rate monitor might even work better! (see the never miss a heartbeat section below)


Out of harm’s way, but not out of reach.

The silicone bumper on ActionSleeve protects your Apple Watch and securely holds it during the most vigorous training regimens. Recessed inside ActionSleeve the Apple Watch face is protected during even the toughest workouts. Strapped safely on your bicep, it’s is also within easy reach to start your workout and track your progress. Switching apps, pausing a workout or setting a timer is as easy as can be. Add bluetooth headphones, and it’s like running with your favorite iPod armband all over again


Never miss a heartbeat.

ActionSleeve can actually improve Apple Watch’s heart rate tracking. How? When you flex your wrist or your watch band isn’t tight enough, it can cause inconsistent readings or drop outs. ActionSleeve holds Apple Watch tightly and securely to your upper arm – delivering more consistent skin contact and more accurate heart rate tracking. If you’re serious about training or you’ve had trouble with the Apple Watch heart rate monitor in the past, ActionSleeve might just be the ticker-counting ticket you’re looking for.


Maybe it’s not all in the wrist.

There are so many different sports and workouts, and some just aren’t  ‘wrist-watch friendly’. Kickboxing is a great high-energy workout but the gloves completely cover your wrist. Weight lifting, Kettlebell training and CrossFit often require you to tape up & protect your wrists, so AppleWatch is a no-go. You don’t want to go to the gym and take off your AppleWatch, missing out on all that great tracking and training data. With ActionSleeve, you can simply slide off your Watch bands, pop Apple Watch into the padded bumper and go! Your Apple Watch is safely off your wrist, but still part of the action.


A Solution  forEveryAthlete. 

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes and ActionSleeve provides a solution for almost anyone including  an inspiring young man we worked with for this campaign. Cameron Massengale is a Senior at The Citadel, a member of the elite Summerall Guards, a fiercely competitive athlete and an amputee. Since training is a huge part of his life, ActionSleeve  is a solution that allows anyone to wear and control Apple Watch.  “Right now I carry my phone in my hand when I run which is a huge inconvenience when you only have one hand. The biggest concern is that if I take a fall during training, I am either going to drop my phone or take a hard hit,” said Massengale. “By moving Apple Watch  to my bicep I feel a lot more comfortable and more natural in my running stance.” Learn more about Cameron and his inspiring story

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Twelve South ActionSleeve Armband Red For 42mm Apple Watch
Twelve South ActionSleeve Armband Red For 42mm Apple Watch


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